Jewelry Services


We provide a full-service repair shop for any and all of your jewelry needs. With our Master Bench jeweler, with over 35 years of experience and vast product knowledge, we have the ability to help you care for and maintain your jewelry.

We use a wide range of new technologies to enhance our ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and service to our customers. Laser technology takes jewelry artistry and craftsmanship to a superior level.


Fine jewelry should be regularly cleaned and inspected by a professional jeweler to ensure that stones are secure and to remove dirt and oils that diminish your jewelry’s beauty. Bradley's Jewelers recommends that jewelry be brought in every three to six months.


Watch Services


Battery Replacement

We will assist you with watch battery replacements, for most brands, while you browse our fun and exciting jewelry collections throughout our showroom. 

Band Replacement & Sizing

We are able to replace your watch band with one of our many selections. Is your watch too big or maybe too small? We will size your wrist and remove/install links for you, in most cases, while you wait.

Watch Servicing

We perform repairs on most watch brands, including Swiss watches. We will handle all the details to ensure your watch is repaired properly. 


Jewelry Appraisals


Our professional appraisers are happy to be able to provide you with documentation on jewelry that was purchased from our store. This document can be used for insurance purposes, so that you can obtain from your insurer the appropriate coverage for your fine jewelry.

We, also, provide appraisal services for jewelry not purchased from our store. Our appraisal specialties are in fine jewelry, gemstones, wristwatches, and pocket watches.

Although most of the appraisals that we prepare are for insurance purposes, we also provide appraisals for the following:

  • Estate Settlement

  • Liquidation

  • Damage Report

  • Hypthetical appraisal for loss


Insurance Replacements


Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that a homeowner’s insurance policy fully protects individual’s jewelry collections. The majority of jewelry owners do not realize that they are underinsured or completely uninsured until they file a claim with their insurance company. Your jewelry isn’t ordinary, so don’t settle for ordinary insurance. Trust your home to a homeowner’s policy; trust your jewelry to the jewelry insurance specialists. Bradley's Jewelers recommends Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to safeguard your jewelry collection long term.

Jewelers Mutual provides you with worldwide protection that allows you to travel anywhere with peace of mind. Their comprehensive coverage includes: loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance.

Regardless of coverage, it is important to have a thorough appraisal conducted on a jewelry collection every five years. This guarantees that your items are always fully insured to current market values, which minimizes financial risk.


Gold Buying


When looking to sell your unwanted or broken gold, platinum, or silver jewelry, it’s always best to go to your local, trusted jeweler. As a member of Preferred Jewelers International, Jewelers of America, and the North Carolina Jewelers Association, Bradley's Jewelers is who you can trust. Come in and we can either turn that unwanted jewelry into extra cash or try to turn your old jewelry into something new.

We also buy gold coins, gold bars, platinum bars, silver coins, silver bars, coin collections, most Swiss watch brands, including Rolex, and pocket watches.



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